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Ealing Town Hall Consultation deadline extended

Thu 18 Jan 2018
There has been overwhelming reaction from residents about proposed changes to Ealing Town Hall resulting in the consultation deadline being extended to Friday 9 February 2018.

Ealing Council has also been accused of failing to consult properly and misleading the public over changes that could see community facilities transferred to private ownership.

Mastcraft has been appointed to redevelop the grade II listed building turning it into a 140-bed hotel with a lease for 245 years. The Council remain freeholders and will keep the east wing with the Council Chamber and marriage rooms, but Victoria Hall and Princes Rooms form part of the deal with the developers. According to Councillor Julian Bell this will result in approximately £1million savings per annum.

Victoria Hall was built in 1893 from public donations and was intended to be used for 'charitable purposes'. It has since then belonged to a charitable trust - the current trustees being all the elected councillors.

Ealing Council is seeking the Charity Commission’s permission to change parts of the Trust prior to the sale of the Town Hall. They must consult 'key' stakeholders about the plans before they seek the Charity Commission’s permission.

A consultation was launched on the council's website on 3 November 2017, however it wasn't widely publicised and was originally due to end this week (12 January 2018).

The following misleading information can be found on the council’s website:

"Ealing Council, as trustee of the Victoria Hall Ealing, have applied to the Charity Commission for a Scheme to be made under s62 of the Charities Act 2011 in order to change the purposes of the Victoria Hall Ealing."

"The Trustee has consulted with and obtained consent from the Charity Commission to adopt the following new charitable purposes for the Victoria Hall".

"The Trustee and Charity Commission believe that the above wording is charitable under modern charity law whilst maintaining the spirit of the original donations made by the public in 1887-8."

This is totally inaccurate and misleading, as the Charity commission has said NOTHING.

They merely "ask that the trustees carry out consultation with stakeholders. This is to ensure that the trustees are properly informed before they make a decision and submit a formal application."

With regards to any consent or approval, they state: "The Commission has NOT yet received a formal application for a scheme."

Due to resident complaining about the whole misleading process, Ealing Council has decided to extend the consultation deadline to Friday 9 February 2018.

To have your say about the proposals email at Ealing Council.

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